4X De-Rust and Lubricating Spray x-2013 450ML in Accessories

4X De-Rust and Lubricating Spray x-2013 450ML

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Adopting special silicone ingredient, DE-RUST & LUBRICATING SPRAY can foam a protective film on the metallic surface so as to prevent the surface from contacting with moisture and air, thus avoid the surface from oxidizing and rusting .It is widely applied in the protection of precision components, electric fitting contacts, iron and steel parts as well as supersensitive components. With high permeating ability, it is commonly used in the maintenance of machines, armament, electric tools and precision instruments. It can stop squeaking of chairs&doors hinges, metal gate and vehicle parts, at mean time, eliminating moistures so as to prevent the surface from corroding and making sure of its good lubricating performance.

Spray painting ,brush painting and dipping are acceptable for the using of this product. Slight rust: Spray it on the metal surface and then brush it, clean it with clean water about 10-15minutes. Moderate rust: Spray it on the metal surface, prolong the time that the liquid stay on the metal surface, then wiping or de-rusting it again are also acceptable, it would be better if cleaned with clean water. Serious rust: Dipping in the de-rust lubricating till the layer of rust is cleared away. Better effect will be obtained if the gusher of de-rust lubricating is heated up to 65℃.

Avoid breaking caused by exposure in the sunshine and high temperature for a long time. Do not puncture or incinerate the container. Store it at a temperature lower than 40℃. Avoid contacting with the eyes. Apply at a well-ventilated place. In case of contact with eyes accidentally, please wash with clean water for 15 minutes.Keep out of the reach of children. Can considerations: Put the used can up side down into a carton or over a piece of newspaper, press the sprayer for 2 minutes to discharge the remaining liquid. In certain circumstances, open the top cap and clear it up. DON'T PLACE IT IN THE CAR.