4X Engine Surface Degreaser x-2019 650ml in Accessories

4X Engine Surface Degreaser x-2019 650ml

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Possesses super penetrating, dissolving and emulsifying Performance,can decompose the oil stains,dirt and dusts making the engine bright as new, easy for the cooling of engine and does no harm to the rubber plastic parts and paints, at the same time,it also can be used to clean the oil stains and dirton the surface of generator industrial machines and other equipments.lt is a water-based cleaning agent,non-volatile, non-combustible,is the best alternative for gasoline and diesel cleaning agent.


Spray on the stains directly, 1-2 minutes later, wash with clean water (lt is better to wash with water gun). For the serious parts brush the stains before washing.


1.it is suggested that wear protective gloves,do not contact by hand directly.
2. Keep out of the reach of children.
3. Do not keep it in a place where exposed under direct sunshine and temperature is above 40℃.
4.If ingested or splashed into eyes accidentally, flush with water immediately and seek medical advice.
5.Dispose it and container only in collection place for dangerous goods and special waste.


Water,surface active agent,penetrating agentTcorrosive agent