4X Tyre Shine Protection X-310 500ml in Accessories

4X Tyre Shine Protection X-310 500ml

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Contain top Brazil carnauba wax,silicone wax,polymer and other top quality wax; easy to use and wipe,can make the paint shine and provide excellent protecting function;can form a protecting film after polishing, making the car brilliant.

Operate it on the paint, when it dried to white film, wipe with cloth

Silicone, Brazil carnauba wax, natural mineral oil

1.Do not wash car within 12 hours, enhance the durability of wax.
2. Do not operate under direct sunshine.Store it in a shade and ventilated place.
3. Pay attention to fire,avoid overheating.
4.Keep it in the original container and cover tightly when not used.5. Keep out of the reach of children.

1. If ingested or splashed into eyes by accident,flush with water immediately and seek medical advice.
2.Any skin sensitive phenomenon, clean with soap and flush with plentyof water

Use type B fire extinguishing agent(such as dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide)